How to Contact Salish Ponds Press

 The first question to ask yourself is why do you want to contact Salish Ponds Press. Your reasons probably fall into one of the following general categories:

   1. I want to buy something, send money, or offer a Salish Ponds author an expense-paid trip to somewhere exotic.

    You can buy the books at the Salish Ponds home page or at If you want to purchase in bulk, deliver a nationally recognized award for literature, or drop off first-class plane tickets, contact Salish Ponds Press by email at or send your money to Salish Ponds Press, 21901 NE Halsey Suite 202, Fairview, Oregon 97024.

2. I have a service or product available at a ridiculously low price that will make Salish Ponds Press successful beyond its owner's wildest dreams.

    Please read the section, "About Salish Ponds Press." This company has no money, and the owner would't know a decent business proposition if hit him on the head. Please reconsider contacting Salish Ponds Press at all. If you do, both parties to the conversation are going to end up annoyed. The folks at Salish Ponds Press will be annoyed because you keep trying to talk business when they would rather talk about zombies, Antartica or any subject on the planet other than business. You will become annoyed because you job requires you to deal with people so stupid that they are oblivious to their own self-interest. Life is just too short for those kinds of conversations.

3. I want Salish Ponds Press to publish my book.

Now you are getting weird. Why would you want to do this when you could take your book to a publisher that might make you some money? If, after reading the "About Salish Ponds Press," page you still want to have your book considered for publication under the Salish Ponds imprint send the first chapter by email attachment. Salish Ponds publishes paperbacks with a page size of five-and-a-half inches by eight inches. Send a .pdf of your book, formatted for this size page, with page headers, font, spacing, and page numbering exactly as you want them to appear in your book to This format is required, and your manuscript will not be considered if it is not followed. Submitting in this format shows that you know how to do it and that you are not some slouch who wants somebody else to do all the tedious work while you sit at home scratching your butt and looking for your royalty check.